sodick OPM350L




technical specification

X-axis stroke:
Y-axis stroke:
U-axis stroke:
Max size of molding object (w x D x H):
Laser head:
Molding tank inner dimensions (W x D):
Max powder supply weight:
Nitrogen supply capacity:
Machine dimensions (W x D x H):
Machine weight:
Maskinens vikt:
Laser method:
Laser wavelength:
Max laser output:
Laser scan:
Milling unit:
Spindle Z-axis stroke:
Max main spindle rotation speed:
Max main spindle torque:
Number of tools:
Tool holder method:
Control axes:
Simultaneous control axes:
Minimum input command:
Minimum drive unit:

360 mm
360 mm
344 mm
350 x 350 x 350 mm
390 x 390 mm
300 kg
90 NL/min
2020 x 2485 x 2220 mm
5800 kg
Yb fiber laser
1070 nm
500W (1000W option)
Galvano method
100 mm
45.000 /min
0,8 NM
20 options
XYZUB, Spindle
Max. 4 axes
0,1 μm
0,031 μm



Linear motor for X, Y and Z axis
Linjear Glass Scale Feedback
Sodick LN2RP Control
HSK-E25 spindle
Automatic Laser Tool Lenght Measuring System (Blum)
Yb fiber laser
Fume Collection
Nitrogen Gas Supply Unit
16-station Automatic Tool Changer
LAN Interface
Parallel cutting mode

MRS unit (Material Recovery System unit)