Sodick was the first company in the world that in series production supplies their machines with linear motors.

All this, for virtually, the same price as the old traditional machines on the market.
With its annual sales of about 6,000 advanced NC machines, Sodick is the world's leading machine supplier for the tool industry.
In their arsenal of different kind of machines there are Die Sinking EDM, Precision wire EDM, Hole drilling EDM, Additive manufacturing, High-speed milling and more.

With a sodick linear motor it is, among other things, possible to control movement within 1/10 000 millimeters (0,1 µm) with complete precision.
Within Die Sinking EDM, the quick precise movements mean that there is only a need for very little flushing.
Because of the linear motors a pumping effect occurs that creates a wire feed of 36 meters per minute.
A machine from Sodick has a direct connection between motors and servo that is called Sodick Motion Control. This controller creates a quicker communication between units occurs up to 500 times per second.

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Svenska Tanso AB is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high quality products for EDM-applications.
We have ever since our foundation in 1981 constantly developed, improved and expanded our product range and our expertise in this field of business. We have a comprehensive products for all kinds of electric discharge machining and we are the market leader in this area.

Thanks to a very close cooperation with our customers and to our carefully selected preferred suppliers, we have one of the strongest product portfolios available on the market, a product range and service which meets and often surpasses the expectations and requirements from our customers.


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Thelle Teknologi AS was founded 2016. With more than 30 years of experience from the industry they know that their customers want whenever they want it. The extensive network of suppliers and customers contributes to an increased production an quality.

Their vision is to be the leading supporter to companies that looks to buy high-quality, modern and current manufacturing machines, automation and technical equipment to the right price.


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