Sodick ag100l





technical specification

1200 x 650 x 500 mm
1600 x 1000 mm
2100 x 1250 x 650 mm
325 ~ 600 mm
5000 kg
100 kg
940 mm
3820 x 4200 x 3340 mm
12 500 kg
6,5 Bar
0,0001 mm

2520 x 900 x 2330 mm
900 x 2650 x 1250 mm
650 kg
450 kg
2770 L
6 replaceable paper filter MF-2400

X/Y/Z axis travel:
Table dimensions (W x D):
Work tank dimensions (W x D x H):
Work tank liquid level, Min. to Max:
Work tank capacity: 
Max. workpiece weight:
Max. workpiece dimensions:
Max. weight of electrode:
Distance from floor to table top:
Machine dimensions (W x D x H):
Machine installation dimensions: 
Machine weight: 
Air pressure:
Air consumption:
Electricity consumption:
Step resolution:
Controlled axis:

Dielectric tank:
External dimensions, main tank (W x D x H):
External dimensions, sub tank (W x D x H):
Weight, empty, main tank:
Weight, empty, sub tank:
Filtration method:
Dielectric fluid:



10 year warranty on positioning accuracy
Linear motor (X, Y, Z axis)
Absolute linear scale ( X, Y, Z axis)
Ceramic components
Linear motor cooling unit
Dielectric fluid cooling unit
SCV circuit
”SGF2” nano-wear discharge unit
TMM3 generator
Improved ease of operation
Remote controller
LN professional software for optimum conditioning search
Clamping chuck
LAN interface
USB port
15’’ TFT screen
Work light

C-axis SEC10 (20 rpm)
ATC Unit (6, 16, 32-station)
SCF72P high-precision rotary head (2000 rpm)
80A booster
STP circuit (for hard metal cutting)
Active power restart (UPS)
Intelligent Q3vic EDM
Automation system
8-axis simultaneous control LN20 (factory option)
Custom colour